Playback of imported files is out of tune and too slow

• Feb 8, 2024 - 14:30

I've noticed multiple issues with MuseScore 4 running on Windows 10. The most annoying problem is that playback often doesn't work properly. With scores that were imported, either from MuseScore 3 or from MIDI files, the playback is so out of tune that it's in a different key. Also, the tempo is often slower than indicated. To correct the problem I have to create a new Musescore 4 file and then cut and paste from the original file to reconstruct the score, but that's a lot of effort that seems unnecessary. Is anyone working on correcting this problem?

Also annoying, but less problematic, is the fact that when I select a measure the highlighting often appears at the wrong place. Cutting and pasting still works properly, however.


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I'm encountering similar problems with previous files from MuseScore 3.6. The playback is often unstable, with inconsistencies in dynamics and pitch. Some notes play an octave higher, others are out of tune. Rewriting the script note by note results in the same issue. My computer is new and high-tech, and this is not a hardware issue. Also, I run Windows 11. I use the musesounds that I have downloaded particularly the strings.

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