Can't tie whole note of chord to half note in next measure

• Sep 12, 2014 - 19:25

That's not a 100% accurate title, but hopefully this makes sense. I'm trying to tie one note of a chord to a half-note in the next measure while playing two different whole notes in that next measure. Here's the desired result.


I can create the tie correctly. (Step1)


But when I add the first whole note in the second measure, the tied half-note disappears. (Step2)


Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Thanks! Of course, it seems so simple now :) I had to use 3 voices and the final formatting isn't optimal, but it works. First, I added the first add'l whole note as Voice 2.


Unfortunately, when I added the second whole note, all the notes aligned together.


So I added the second whole note as the 3rd voice.


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Meanwhile, instead of using three voices to work around the alignment issue in 1.3 (which will still does not produce the correct results), just use two voices then apply a manual adjustment - double click one of the whole notes, use the arrowkey to move it to the right, then do the same for the other whole note.

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