Beaming across staves?

• Mar 13, 2015 - 07:45

Is it possible in v 1.3 to beam notes that are on different staves of a piano system?


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I regret that neither of those examples covers what I am trying to do.

The first one describes a chord situation where there are simultaneous notes in both staves. (I'll also note that the illustration does not match what is being described in the text.)

The second one describes adjusting the beaming of notes that belong to the same staff, not across two staves.

In the MuseScore sample "Reunion_Example", there are a series of thirty-second notes in the penultimate measure that run across two staves and are beamed across the two staves without any apparent need for "invisible" rests as place holders.

How is that done?

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No invisible rests in Reunion because there are actually notes in both staves. There is a dotted half filling the top staff, and the small cross-staff arpeggio lives in the bottom staff. Had it noth been for the dotted half note, I'd have needed a rest in the top staff top, and I'd have marked it invisible (just press "V" in 2.0).

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