Possible Bugs - Repeats and Tremolo from Palette

• Oct 15, 2008 - 10:01

Just been inputing some simple tunes and got the following:
1. Repeats from Palettes: I highlight a note in score with "N" not highlighted. Double clicking, say, "D.C." does not add to the score. Clicking and dragging to above the note or bar line doesn't leave it there - as soon as I stop the dragging action it disappears - although the space between the bar line and the last note in that bar increases slightly - I can see it move.
2. Was playing with the palette, just double clicking different things on various notes, and with all of the tremolo signs it adds them OK but if I hit the "Undo" arrow to remove it my system crashes. This was repeatable every time.
(Forgot to mention this in last post but I'm running MS Vista Business, Asus laptop, Duo T7300, 2 GB, 2 Mhz.
Hope this helps (or am I doing something wrong?)


I can confirm that double-clicking D.C. doesn't add anything to the score, but drag-and-drop works for me. The drag-and-drop highlights the active measure to indicate where the D.C. will go.

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Hi David,
Thanks your reply.
Just tried again this morning - repeats DO add with click and drag - I was doing it wrong - trying to add the dragged symbol to where it would actually sit ABOVE the measure - not placing symbol IN the highlighted measure and letting the program place it correctly. (Something for the handbook?).

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Meant to add this to last post.
My mistake - I was not specific enough - should have said the THROUGH markings.
The BETWEEN tremolo's I can't figure out how to make make work at all (LOL).

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Hi again,
Just tried BETWEEN tremolos again and all seems to be working properly with double clicking.
My apologies - the BETWEEN tremolos work fine when clicking and dragging- I didn't realize that the note head had to be highlighted in RED before it would place the sign.

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