Faulenzer - special repeat mark used for two measures repetition

• Mar 30, 2015 - 19:24


recently, I've just received the question from one user, where he wondered, why the repetition mark meant for one measure repeating repeats only one measure and not two, as he would like to hear.

Also I've searched the internet to get the idea about the theory and found the German wiki page about "Faulenzer" in music: Faulenzer (Musik)

Also there are two marks used in music notation (variants: "Punktierte einfache oder doppelte Balken für eintaktige und für zweitaktige Wiederholungen"), one for one measure repeat, and second with doubled slash used for two measure repeat. And now we have the situation, when there is only first option, offered in MuseScore palette in left side panel, if I see it right.

Could somebody say, how to handle the second case - the need for two measure repeat, but without the classical repetition, just using the "dot-slash-slash-dot" mark, as that user demands in reality, for me looking at the musical theory?

Could it be added to the palette, if it isn't there already?

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