Monophonic note playback

• Apr 8, 2015 - 13:52


when I try to play piano sound I can hear one note only in monophonic. I'm not able to play chords.

I'm on OS 10.10.2.
Musescore 2.0


Do you mean when you press the "play" button on a score, it only plays one note from each chord? That would be unusual. If so, can you post the specific score you are having problems with, also descirbe anything unusual about your setup - like if you are trying to play using an external syntehsizer via JACK, or whether you have made any changes to your soundfont, synthesizer, or I/O settings within MuseScore, etc.

If you are talking about MIDI input using a connected keybaord, that is a known limitation.

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Not really. I believe the general thinking remains, real-time MIDI processing is a compelx topic best left to programs that *need* to solve it, like sequencers. So, if you want to try notating a live performance, do it in a sequencer, then import the MIDI file. What *does* make sense, I think, is to give more control over the import of the MIDI file, so instead of always creating a new score, you could click somewhere in an existing score and say, "insert contents of MIDI file here".

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I know, you are right when you say that is a better choice to left that complex topic to dedicated sequencer.
The idea to better focus on midi import is very functional and useful.
However I noticed that one of big limitation in many notation software is the way to manipulate a midi recorded piano part, case where is necessary to split staves continuously. The only useful solution I've found is to work with the "voice separation tool" in Logic Pro; this is the only way to adjust the split points in a a midi live recorded piano performance.
It would be convenient to have the solution for any eventuality but I understand that it is not always easy to meet the needs of each individual case.
One thing that I have not yet figured out is if it is already possible "insert contents of MIDI file here" or if it is an idea for the future releases.

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maybe I am not capable, but I do not understand where I can change the split point.
Split Staff allows me just check and nothing else. I read "the user may choose the pitch via sub-options".
With Split Staff enabled there are notes of right hand that are in the left hand and viceversa.
How can I edit this split points?
Thanks for your patience. :)

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