Solfeggio chords

• May 28, 2015 - 15:51

Hello, I have written out a melody line in Musescore 2.1, and I would like to put Do, Re, Mi, etc, chord symbols above the notes, rather than, e.g., C#, etc. When I type in chords using the C,D,E, etc system, it works as the handbook indicates, but with Do, Re, etc, only Do works properly. If I try and write, say, La flat, I just get 'lab'. It's still intelligible, and I can easily make the 'l' an L, but it would be great if they looked as clear and perfect as with the C,D, E system. Is there some adjustment I can make to achieve this? I am using a minimac Yosemite. I'll attach the score. Any advice much appreciated.


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