Finger-accurate MIDI Guitar Tablature

• May 29, 2015 - 05:30

First of all, I'd like to congratulate the dev team on creating such an amazing piece of software for everyone to use. Here's a suggestion on how you can make MuseScore even better for guitarists:

Currently if you are writing tablature with a MIDI guitar, MuseScore guesses which string you've played the note on. Unfortunately, the guesses are usually wrong and MIDI guitar users have to spend extra time to correct the tablature (defeating the purpose of using a MIDI controller in the first place). Is it possible to make MuseScore write finger-accurate notation with MIDI guitars? You should be able to use existing information such as MIDI note channel, the number of strings and tuning to assign the correct string & fret positions, right?

For me personally, this is the only reason that I am still using Guitar Pro to write tabs. They seem to get the finger position correct in all situations (they assume channel 1 represents the highest pitched string).


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Sure thing. For a standard 6 string acoustic guitar in (EADGBe) tuning, it works like this in Guitar Pro:

E - channel 6
A - channel 5
D - channel 4
G - channel 3
B - channel 2
e - channel 1 (highest pitched string)

In Sibelius, there is an option for MIDI Guitars to specify "Number of Strings" and "MIDI channel of highest pitched string." I believe they assume the remaining lower pitched strings are just on the next +1 channel. In the official documentation [p.264], it says: "Sibelius assumes that the strings of your MIDI guitar are numbered sequentially."

Sibelius full reference:…

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