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• Jun 26, 2015 - 05:02

Hi, Gang!!!

I attached a file, a short music piece, a very simple choral, to test some things about "voices".

As you can see in that file, my questions are:

1) How can I erase the whole note rests which appear at the top of the staff? I mean, some difference solution that the "invisible" tool.

2) Is it important the order of the voices? I mean, in that score I put the 1st voice to the bass, 2nd to the tenor, 3rd to the alto and 4th to the soprano. Is it the right order? or I should had to put it in reverse order?

3) Isn't it supposed MuseScore should put the "plicas" (vertical bars of each note but whole note) to the up side direction on the major number voice and to the down side direction to the minor number voice, automatically? or, Is it the reverse way?

4) Can MuseScore separate the 4 voices into 4 "tracks" (staffs), automatically? How?

5) Could we ask some future MuseScore capability about to playback the shown 4 voices with 4 different instruments (sounds) without to have to write 4 new different staffs? Too much dreamed heaven, hehehehe? ???

Excuse my limited english (It isn't my mother language, sorry)



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1/ You can't delete rests in voice 1. See 2/
2/ Use only voice 1 and voice 2 in each staff if you only need to voice. Use voice 1 for stem (plicas) pointing up and voice 2 for stem pointing down.
3/ It will if you use voice 1 for up and voice 2 for down

You can use Edit > Voices > Exchange to fix your score and delete the rests.

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I see the MuseScore "way to work"

I'll have to accustom to this.

In the classical harmony classes, I learned that the main voice from any chord is the bass note (tonic). So, it should be the voice 1, and all the voices should be ordered from the bass to the top (soprano). Well it is just "academic" harmony. Maybe, today the rules are different.

Anyway, thank you so much for your help!!!



What you're apparently want to use here is a so called Closed SATB score, i.e. 2 staves, Soprano and Alto in top staff with treble clef, Tenor and Bass in bottom staff in bass cleff, there is a template for that and attached your music used with that template (and with the voices issue fixed). It reveals that some notes are out of range (for bass).

4) it would be a manual process, involvint the creation of the additional staves, some copy/paste operation, swapping voices, deleting the non-voice 1 notes and rests

5) this is an open feature request, see #13584: Playback should be able to select voices, not just instruments

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Yes, you're right. That score is intended to SATB arrangements, using only two staffs (high and low clef). Just to save physical space on the paper.

About the separated voices playback mode, I can see clearly that my dream isn't only mine. Well, we have to wait for a time.

BTW: Two questions:

1) How can we set the MuseScore gnome to not show the coloured notes when they are out of the "normal" instruments range? ???

2) The low "C" isn't impossible to the bass human voice and it is present in some serious classical works. Also, the same note is an standard from the 5 strings doublebass, but it appears "out of the range" in MuseScore. There are a lot of normally "usable" notes that appears as "out of the range" with MuseScore. Why? Can we change those ranges manually? How? ???



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You can change the ranges that are flagged as out of range by right clicking the staff, choosing Staff Properties, and making the changes there. You can disable the warnings completely via Edit / Preferences / Note Input / Color notes outside of usable pitch range.

The ranges selected are designed to warn beginning composers when they have written something that might not be playable. But if you know exactly what you are doing, and know, for instance, that the bassist who will eventually play your piece has a low "C" available, then by all means, feel free to ignore the warning, turn it off, or customize it.

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