Automatic selection of a rest after deletion of a note

• Oct 1, 2015 - 16:09

When in non-input mode if you delete a note, a rest is produced but that rest is not selected and arrows do not work. In order to use arrows you have to employ a mouse to select something. To make things simpler it would be good to implement automatic selection of a rest on the place of deleted note.


I was thinking this the other day whilst working on a score.

It is an essential feature for the keyboard only UI we are trying to develop for blind users.

And to add insult to injury, pressing N throws you back to the beginning of the section (!), rather than starting input at the rest that replaced the just deleted note.

What if there is a whole range of notes, or a multi-selected list of notes selected? What would you expect then? Also, what if it's a single note of a chord that is deleted, leaving other notes intact?

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Maybe the request can be rephrased like this:

"If some notes (or rests) are deleted, the selection cursor should not disappear and be placed on the top element of the top chord/rest at the tick, staff and track of the earliest deleted element".

I don't know if this could be universally expected or not, but it seems to me this (or a variation of it) would ensure that the result is predictable and usable.

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