Support of different temperaments and tunings

• Oct 1, 2015 - 16:16

Scala project has 4000 different tunings. Pitch bend thing allows to implement alternative tunings. If a soundfont supports pitch bend which can nevertherless be activated via gigedit or other sfs editing software, then mscore may force pitchbends to the corresponding notes after importing .scl scala files. Scl files have been supported by some programs already. If mscore does not have that support it would be interesting to have it and try other tunings.


There used to be a plug-in of mines for MuseScore ver 1.x to apply temperaments to a score; it went with some temperaments, could read (most) Scala files and allow the user to create his own scales.

I am (since long) porting it to ver. 2.x, but the 2.0 plug-in framework is still under development, so work goes on slowly...

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This was a plugin that I used very frequently in Musescore 1.3, and it has held me back from using 2.0 for some time. In the end I tried to figure out how to adjust an existing plugin to change the tuning of the notes (originally it was meant to color the notes). It is very basic but works for me. You can have a look at the attachment. Just comment out the tunings that you don't need and then save as an individual plugin. Hope it is useful...

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Pirchbend is not the correct way to implement different tunings - pitchbend affects the whole channel so if a chord were being played all the notes in that chord would be altered.

There are MIDI messages specifically for changing temperaments and tunings which can be accurate to 1/100th of a cent.

If you are interested they are found in the GM2 Universal System Exclusive with details of how to implement them here....

This is a pretty specialist area, though, as both lasconic and Miwarre have mentioned - most of us are content with Equal Temperament :)

However, provided Fluid can respond to Universal System Exclusive messages appropriately, and the Scala project's tuning maps are in an appropriate format - it would simply be a question of implementing the sending of the SysEx bulk dump of the key map to Fluid.

What do you mean by GM? I saw that abbreviation in the name of sf2 soundfonts? Do you mean that the possibility to change temperaments|pitch can be applied only to sf2?
As far as i know pitch change is to be activated in sf2 soundfont. For example that feature is disabled in piano sf2s.
What about gig and sfz?
By the way i don't like sf2 at all. They sound awful. That obslete format was mostly implemented for hw samplers of creative soundcards. That creative fooled the buyers assuring them that with sblive and audigy they can create music. But with those sf2s you can create only plastic sounding crap and no one will want to listen to that crap.
The only good soundfonts existing today are kontakt, those for aria player are little worse. Gig is more worse, sfz is about the gig's quality. Sfz is mostly remake of gig and kontakt. And sf2 is complete crap.
The problem with kontakt is that only few soundfonts have alrearnative tunings and i can only select them but not modify. I don't know a single kontakt sf supporting scl files. Then my question to you is Can you make a script for kontakt to activate alternative tunings via scala? As far as i know there are scripts to implement sympathetic resonance, for example in PMI old lady kontakt. So perhaps scala support can be made too.
Don't worry about sf2. They are crap...
And my second question is how should i modify an .scl scala file to change the root key? You know that it's not possible to transpose non-equal temperaments. For example if i downpitch by half-tone on my midi keybord by transposition sound becomes untuned because the root key in scala is not changed but it should be changed by halftone too.
Can you make a mini program to process scala files from a folder to create modified scl files for each root key? And please explain how to modify scl files manually if it's not a very hard work.

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Okay, please get out of here. You can't just come in here, yell "Crap" a few times, and then tell the people who devote their time to helping others make music that they're trolls. In the time that you save by not wasting it here, you can if you want look up what a SoundFont is.

One problem was discovered by me concerning .scl files from scala website. Those scl files have some old dos format with CRLF line terminators. So when you load them into scala on linux you get file format error. To fix that problem, go into the folder with scl files and issue the command:
sed -i 's/\r//g' *

CR terminator will be removed and you can now load scl files into scala on linux.
If you have email of scala developer contact him and ask to fix his scl files.

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Concerning installing scala on linux. Scala is kind of portable and you don't have to compile it. What you need is all libs and applications mentioned in README to be installed in the OS. Make sure to have gnac-gcc, playmidi, gtkada. Moreover some linux distros lack libgnat-4.9 You need to get that deb file for debian from debian site and do
ar libgnat-4.9.deb
It will unpack the file and you are to manually copy the files to the appropriate folders after untarring by
tar xfzv file.tar.gz
Don't forget to read Reame from scala folder because you also are to copy one more file manually which is supplied in the folder.

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