Composition consisting of several smaller compositions

• Jan 30, 2016 - 23:18

I'm not sure if this has been asked before because I didn't know what to search for. But I need to know how to go about creating a Mass which has several smaller parts such as Kyrie, Credo, Benedictus, Sanctus, etc. Is there a way to put this all in one file, or should I make each part a different file and then collect them all in one pdf file?


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I followed the instructions in the handbook for creating an album: I opened the album manager, clicked New, gave it a name, clicked on Add score, added the first score, then two more times until I had three scores in the list. I saw no provision for saving the album file. I the closed the album manager, thinking that might be the way to save the album file. But it didn't happen.

The BIG problem is that now I cannot open the scores which I added to the album manager. I sure hope someone can help me to recover these files (which are present in my file list) because that is several weeks of work that will be otherwise lost.

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If you add scores to an album, when you hit Close, it should prompt you to save the album. An album file is really just a list of the scores, so no big deal if you didn't save it - it will take only seconds to recreate. But you really don't need to save the album. What you really want to do is *join* the scores into a new score. Save the joined score, not the album (although it doesn't *hurt* to save the album).

As fr the original scores, they are not affected in any way by this process, so they should open just fine. How are you trying to open them, and what goes wrong when you try?

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I've tried two ways: 1. by double-clicking on the file. 2. by selecting the frile from the open dialog in MuseScore. I get the same message either way: A small box opens with the title "MuseScore Load Error" and the message "Cannot read file C:/Users/Dale/Documents/MuseScore2/Coronation Mass = Kyrie.mscz:

I just now noticed the ":" after the file extension. Does that indicate a temp file?

No, the : is not present in the file list just part of the error message. I feel really bad now cuz I just notice that the files have a length of 1KB and before there were several MB, one in the hundreds of MB.

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No, MuseScord did not crash. But thinking back, I remembered something that might be a clue:

I had the three scores open in MuseScore as I was adding them to the album. Then when I closed MuseScore, I received a prompt to save ONE of them. I presumed it was the only one that had unsaved changes. I answered yes to the prompt and now I can open that one score, but the other two are 1KB stubs. Now, when I open MuseScore, the other two files are visible on the Start Center, but they have something that looks like a document with one corner turned down and a dark, wide border around it. Al the other scores on the Start Center have music notation on them and look like miniature versions of the first page of the score.

Don't know if I mentioned it, but I'm using Windows 10 on an ASUS lap-tablet which is a laptop that can be folded over and used like a tablet. It has 8GB RAM and 1TB of disc space.

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