Double Staccato for Violin

• Feb 15, 2016 - 09:40

Hi, I need to add two staccato dot to a single note for violin down bow and up bow as attached, but I only know how to add one. Would you please kinldy to advise how to do it?

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Maybe you'll have to press Z, type Staccato in the search box and drag the symbol in place (I can not think of anything better)


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Makes sense. My guess is, this isn't really ever used in real music - there would not be two different sets of bowings / articulations for the same notes. I think this was just intended as a teaching device, to get you to play the same exercises with two different bowings / articulations but not have to write it out twice.

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I know that this is an old thread, but I found it searching for the same question related to a different piece of music. I'm transcribing handwritten orchestra parts from Burnand and Sullivan's 'Cox and Box', and the 1st Violin has this notation in the Overture. It's indicated as a series of 8th notes with a single measured tremolo bar across each note, and a double staccato above the note (it looks rather like an umlaut ¨ ). (In the attached PDF, it's on the right side of PDF page 5, beginning of line 2.) Perhaps its more common than previously thought?

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tjdickinson, that notation -- the slash and the two dots -- means that the eight notes are each divided into two sixteenths. I came across it a while back and saved the link I found that explains it... See:

I don't profess to understand it but would be interested to know more. It can be recreated by entering the same notes in two Voices, making them all staccato then flipping the elements of the second Voice about a bit and hiding its notes.

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