Cannot add new instrument to existing score

• Aug 1, 2016 - 00:39

I have a score for six instruments and I want to add a seventh. But every time I try to add the seventh individual part Musescore crashes. I have already written the part out on the score and want to make a single instrument sheet for printout and when I try File --> Parts --> Select Parts Whether I try to add the individual part or delete all and start over with new individual parts Musescore crashes. It just started doping this today. I'm using version 2.0.3. The score I'm working on is below. I'm trying to add the Guit/Keys part to the tabs above the score.


Seems to work fine for me. What OS are you on> Can you give precise steps to reproduce the problem? Here is what I did:

1) load score
2) File / Parts
3) New
4) click Guit_Keys in list at right
5) type "Guitar" as the part name
6) OK

The part was created normally.

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confirmed, crashes in master too, when deleting all parts

Stack trace:
1 QList::detach qlist.h 162 0xd43838
2 QList::begin qlist.h 312 0xd43671
3 Ms::deleteExcerpt excerpt.cpp 256 0x8c56c5
4 Ms::ExcerptsDialog::accept excerptsdialog.cpp 387 0x4ef405
5 ZN7QDialog18qt_static_metacallEP7QObjectN11QMetaObject4CallEiPPv 0x1b825645
6 ?? 0x288f44
7 ZNK16QDialogButtonBox6buttonENS_14StandardButtonE 0x1b751e9f

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