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• Oct 13, 2016 - 04:33

Augmentation dots are being placed one space higher than the note for notes on spaces only. The placement is correct for notes on lines.



I don't get it. Can you give an example. Here is what I get for notes on spaces and notes on lines. Both look correct to me.

Capture d'écran 2016-10-13 08.59.26.png

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Yes, that looks correct. The problem is now even more strange. Now the notes on spaces are correct and the notes on lines are having problems Screen Shot 2016-10-13 at 4.26.01 pm.png Note the dot on the G#. If I move any of the notes to a line, the dot is now appearing one space too low.

On a MBP 2013 Retina. 16GB RAM

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I can't believe I've never noticed that before, but I see it's true in Finale and Sibelius. But according to Read, it should only be for notes that are close, seconds and thirds. Is there another source that says it's true for all multi-voice notes?

Also, I can't make the error I reported in the OP occur again. No idea why it happened.

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There are lots of different sources that each give their own opinions. We base most of our choices on the recommendations given in Elaine Gould's "Behind Bars", which is the modern standard reference on the subject (Read is pretty old at this point). And Gould specifically says to drop the dot to the space below for downstem notes in this context, showing in fact this exact example (well, a G and a B, treble clef).

Chances are the case you described originally was one where was some sufficiently complex combination of seconds and multiple voices that required that arrangement. We do try fairly hard to handle most cases, but in very rare complex cases you can get into situations where you might have to take control manually and move the dots around with the Inspector.

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Yeah, well I'm pretty old too. :-) I've been meaning to download Gould, but just haven't had the time. Personally, I think it looks odd when the notes are some distance apart, but I can see how from a programming viewpoint it would make sense to just follow the rule.

The case I originally described wasn't at all complex. For some reason, the dot was displayed one space higher than the note. I can't replicate it, so it could have been a malfunction of my computer or graphic card as it stopped after I restarted. If it happens again, I'll be sure to take a screen shot and try to identify the details.

Thanks for all the information.

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