Change the template of an existing score

• Nov 25, 2016 - 23:11

Is it possible to change the template of an existing score?
I've got a sheet that was created with the "General Treble Clef" template and I would like to apply the "Jazz Leadsheet" template to this score.
I know that I can change the text styles one by one, but it would be very long and there are probably several other parameters to change.
Thanks in advance for your answers.


Yes, the above is the way to go. A template is basically a score and as such cannot be "applied" to another score. What you really want to apply are the *style settings* from the template score. You can do that by creating a score form the template and saving the style settings to your Styles folder (Style / Save Style). Then you can load that into subsequent scores. It won't be *exactly* the same as creating a score from template, but it should apply what can reasonably be done after the fact.

Note this method also allows you to save style files from your own scores, not just from templates, so you can customize the settings before saving the style.

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