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• Jun 26, 2012 - 13:52

I have created a worksheet with a number of exercises, where the students should write chords in different key signatures (see attached file). The first chord in each exercise is already given. What I would like to do now is write under each system which chord they should write. Is there any way of writing the chord name without having to write a note first? I tried selecting the rest and then add lyrics text, but that didn't work. I could write the text between the staves, and then move it into the right place, but I don't want to do that, as that would increase the distance between the staves.

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Not sure I understand the problem but can't you just select a rest, then Create - Text - Staff Text and type in the chord name and move it to wherever you want. You can also with the properties select the font and size after it's entered.

You could also use chords, Ctrl-K, You can have one on every beat (quarter?) and every note/rest. They are above the staff though, so if you want them below, you'd have to drag them there

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Ah yes, good point :-). Well, I'd just also suggest reading the Handbook section on chordnames to be sure you enter the chords "correctly". There are several different styles available to choose from, depending on how you like to write your abbreviations, and it is good to stay within that. This way, you get nice features like having "b" and "#" automatically turn into flat and sharp signs.

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No, I didn't mean chords such as G or F# (although I see now that is in fact what I wrote). What I meant was which _kind_ of chord (i.e. tonic, dominant and so on). Sorry, my bad. However, I solved the problem and it seems to me that staff text would be the best thing to use.

Thank you all for your assistance.

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