ties: problems with position: end in notes, collision with single flag, vertical position

• Dec 23, 2016 - 23:08

Making my edition for Bärenreiter I spend 60% of my time on correcting beam angles as said before. The other 40% is divided: 10% several and 30% to correcting ties. Three things (using Gonville font being the most compact):
- ties from above end quite often in the note head at he right side
- ties touch the lines, they should be clearly over the line, upper or down part in the middle between the lines. Clear option in Dorico
- ties go over the flag of single eight or sixteenth notes (etc) and need to be moved out quite a lot

I hope in future updates this will be corrected, saves hours of correction work!


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I don't need help to correct the problem, the problem is that MuseScore makes these mistakes.
Here are a few examples of what MS does and how it looks after being corrected,
tie before correction.png
after correction
tie after correction.png
I can give 100 more examples. Here we see the tie touching the lines and going into the next notehead. This happens more often than not.

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The algorithms are complex and there are many different cases depending on tie direction, stem direction, number of notes on each stem, whether it ends on a line or a space, distance between the notes, curvature of the tie, etc. Results should be good in "most" of these cases, but in order to investigate the ones that don't, we need to see the actual scores that demonstrate a problem, not just a picture of it, in order to understand what specifically is going on.

In some of your cases, I think your correction actually goes against the rules we are trying to follow. But I am on vacation right now and don't have access to my copy of "Behind Bars" to check,. If you could post the actual score, I can cross-check against that reference when I get home.

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Hi Marc,
My holiday should also start now...but I do have the Behind Bars here. Believe me: ties from above more often than not have collision with the note afterward, better to take some more distance, I think better more distance than end into the next notehead. And: yes, I understand that it is very complex but in these cases it ought to be improved. Merry Christmas!
tie through flag (e flat just before 4th beat)) tie through flag.png (this a;ways happens)
after correction tie corrected.png

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