concert orchestra template

• Jan 7, 2017 - 21:43

I just downloaded MuseScoreNightly-2017-01-05-1549-master-73a2e6a.7z
and started a new score and clicked on the concert orchestra template. It opened fine with the right instruments but the barlines were not consitent concert orchestra template.svg. (you'll have to zoom out) Just wondering if thats worth the time to adress?


There have been some changes in barline handling, the templates will need to be updated for this and other reasons. Probably makes sense to wait until things stabilize a bit more before worrying about this, though.

What about adding a "barlines span to next staff" to the staff properties (editor)? When adding instruments in 3.0 you can choose the staff style type for every instrument, so it should easily be possible to create a staff style "connected to next staff" or "staff group". Perhaps also adding a bracket or brace to a group of staffs could trigger the barlines span to next staff for these staffs (except the last one).

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