Get range of a line, or a partial line

• Jan 28, 2017 - 04:13

I would like (perhaps in the staff properties submenu, or maybe as separate action) to quickly get the lowest and highest note in a line, or a partial line (selected), listed, so we can write them at the beginning (I’ve seen this in some Bach prints, where each vocal part has the range listed, so you know what's expected from you, or where to sort yourself).

… or maybe just in the status line, where it already has measure ranges for the selections, and note pitch for single selected notes, so it's just a matter of bringing that together.


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I cannot use any shortcuts with “Alt” in them, because that concept literally does not exist on X11.

I have a physical Alt key on the keyboard, which is mapped to Mode_switch to allow using it to type umlauts (like Mode_switch-d which behaves like Meta-d does and outputs ä) and other Unicode chars (Mode_switch-Return outputs • for example).

I also have another physical key on the keyboard mapped to the X11 Alt modifier, but my window managers use that one.

The ambitus seems like a good idea, though.

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A section break manually edited to not restart measure numbers and instruments, and an ambitus (removed and re-added every time the range changes, e.g. when a new section break is added) seems to work fine, thanks!

I was thinking of adding something like “c′–c″” as note line text, but this is even more concise.

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What appears to be wrong is the E6 should be an E5. Having said that, it is an unimportant bug because this is a visual aid for the singers, not a limitation it places on you in writing music.

Don't get me wrong, it is a bug and should be corrected, but there is no impact unless you are looking at the status bar. I tried it on some other staves and found that the top note one of the notes was reported an octave high on the status bar and the inspector. It is not consistent which is wrong.

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