keyboard way to change staves ? ; bar lines over staves?

• Jan 6, 2013 - 04:07

i hope it's okay that i ask how to do things that i cannot find out how to do from the manual. i will be asking a lot of these questions as i try to learn how to use this program!

so, i really really dislike using the mouse (largely because i have a netbook as the main computer) and i'm hoping that i can everything quickly using the keyboard without any use for a mouse.

question one:
if i'm entering notes on one staff, and i want to go to the staff below, i know i can do this with the mouse by exitting note entry mode, and then clicking on the staff below. but can i go to the staff below with only using the keyboard?

question two:
how do i get a double bar line to cut across all the staves? (and, how do i do this using the keyboard)?

question three:
how do i get normal bar lines to cut across all the staves by default?

thanks for any help i get!


I may be wrong, but I don't believe you can do any of those from the keyboard YET. I believe there are some facilities in the upcoming 2.0 that will address some of this.


You'll find that while a lot can be done via keyboard, a lot cannot.

Barlines are extended by dpuble clicking then dragging down - see [[nodetitle:Barline]] . You have to do the drag with the mouse; if you attempt to use the keyboard, it will appear to work at first, but won't really. There's also no way I know of to have just a double bar extend while having the regular barlines not - is that what you are trying to do? When you exend one barline, it will extend them all.

As mentioned, easiest way to get to get extended barlines "by default" is to use (and create if necessary) a template set up that way. Most of the predefined templates already do this where appropriate.

No way to change staves by keyboard, although this has been requested before and hopefully will make it in someday. Manwhile, there is alt-up/down, which cycles through already-entered notes only (next *note* above or below, as opposed to next *staff*). Occasionally that works out to be the same thing, but mostly, it's not very useful.

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barlines that span across all staves aren't /super/ important for me -- but yes, the only barlines that i'd need to extend across all staves are the double bar line.
` or even if it didn't across all staves, i'd like to put a double bar line on one staff, and then have all staves below automatically updated to having a double bar line in the same place -- instead of having to manually edit them in one by one. (and slowly, using my netbooks touchpad, no less!)

thanks for the alt-up / alt-down trick, though you're right that it actually isn't relevant for the reason i need to change staves: ie to enter in new material in staves below!

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So you have some sort of situation where ordinary barlines do *not* extend across all staves, but double barlines do? You are aware this is *etremely* non-standard? Oridnary publishing conventions have all barlines extent - single and double - if any do. And usually they extend by instrument groups - like in an orchestra score, barliens would extend among the woodwinds as a group, among the brass, and among the strings. If you really want the doubles barlines to extend but the ordinary barlines not, I'd probably just fake the double barlines in those case by drawing lines.

I don't understand what you mean, though, about putting a double bar on one staff and having other staves automatically updates to have a double bar in the same place. That already haoppens; in fact there is no way that I know of to defeat it.

So I get the feeling again we may be misunderestanding each other here. Can you post an examplke of what you mean?

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actually you're completely right; the default behaviour is that double bar lines DO automatically update across all staves. i was just an idiot or my eyes weren't working correctly, or something. thank you for pointing this behaviour out, and sorry for making you read such an idiotic question!

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