Sorry, MuseScore couldn't upload the audio file.

• Jun 1, 2017 - 14:09

Suddenly when I try to upload to the website with the software, using different soundfonts, it can't upload the audio. If you need a score to test with, I can give one, but it seems it does that all the time for any score... What it does is, when it's uploading, it goes up 4%, then returns to 0%, then gives the error message.


I might have an idea as to what's causing it... but I don't know how it works, though. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that... well, the website starts processing the score before the software uploads. I know this because as I was uploading it with the software, it said on the page "Your score is being processed. It will automatically replace the score below when ready." Then before it finished failing to upload the audio file, the page refreshed, and the score had its audio.

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AFAIK "Your score is being processed." also (perhaps even only?) is shown during the graphical processing of it and the server-side rendering of the sound.

Of course, when you upload your own sound along with it (which is buggy) there is no reason for the server to render the sound; hence it is done quicker. Also note that the server is likely to see the upload failure just before your client does.

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Thing is, it had its audio (not synthesizer; MuseScore audio) before the software finished failing. Therefore I believe there may be some bug where the site generates audio itself anyway even when the software is trying to upload custom audio. Here is a screenshot; the score being saved online is the same as the score being viewed in the browser. Since it's still uploading (according to the software), there shouldn't be MuseScore audio yet, right? This is the first time I uploaded this song (and it's private), and I was playing it with MuseScore audio as it was uploading. I believe that is proper evidence?

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@Dakook @Jeetee the server always generated audio, regardless whether you upload audio or not. This means that when the audio upload fails, we have at least still audio working.

As for the audio upload failure, when we tested it, we thought things were working out just fine. But we didn't test it enough on large scale to understand that upload large files is a very tricky thing to do. Just expecting that one http put request will do it isn't clearly enough. We simply didn't have enough expertise on this in hindsight.

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