Audio file will not upload

• May 8, 2017 - 13:48
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in musescore 2.1 you included the feature to upload a score with a different soundfont automatically from the software to the website. I wanted to update a couple of my pieces with the new soundfont (Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra) but when I tried to update them with it musescore would throw an error. It did just fine with exporting it but when it came to uploading it, it will pop up an error saying "Sorry, musescore could not upload the audio file" I'd really like to be able to update my pieces but I don't know what to do.


GIT commit: 871c8ce


Could you confirm you followed my instructions to log off your MuseScore from your account and connect again?

If you did, could you share the link to your score? You may also use if you don't want to reveal the link to the public.

Would it be possible to make a screencast video? This way we can see if MuseScore is actually starting the upload or not. So basically do you still see the progress bar, or does the error message come up directly?

I don't know how to do a screencast video... how do you do that?

musescore does start the upload.
It starts at zero percent, jumps to three, then back to zero and waits about a minute, then it shows the message.

I tried it again and it went to 6 percent... but it just did it again

I too have tried to save online and get only the message: "Sorry, musescore could not upload the audio file". I have used the suggestions given (as above) but still get the error message.

@mnmwert @harrysterling we haven't been able to reproduce the problem, but we may have deployed a potential fix. Could you give it another try?

It would be great if you would have a screencast (licecap) of the upload process. This way we can see exactly where it goes wrong. Thanks!

I will need to wait until my father gets home (I'm on his P.C). He knows the password to download it. I don't. I'll get to it ASAP

@mnmwert do you know whether there is a firewall installed/running on the computer? Or whether it's behind a proxy?

Status (old) fixed active

Ok, so I tried doing this, but it gave the same error: "Sorry, Musescore could not upload the audio." It went through the whole exporting process, but didn't finish uploading. I logged out and back in, still didn't work. It gets stuck at 0% for a little while, then 4%, then back down to 0% (for some reason), before it gives me the error. It's happened every single time I've tried. Here's the score I uploaded:
Notice how it uses almost entirely piano sounds. That's because I used a separate sf2 for each instrument. But that should be ok, since it finished "exporting" the mp3, right? Please help, or fix, since this is bound to affect or be affecting someone else.
Btw, exporting the mp3 to my PC works just fine. So I'm positive it's something on your end.
For the record, I'll attach the file as well.

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pkmn_soundfonts.mscz 17.98 KB

@DaforLynx We haven't found the root cause of this problem yet. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, which makes it hard to reproduce. We'll post a follow up comment once we are ready for a new round of testing. Thank you for your patience.

@Daforlyx the audio upload feature is available for everyone right from the start so the information you received is incorrect. We will be doing some tests in the coming weeks to detect the root of the upload problem.

That is already the case in 2.1 - it's an option in the Save Online dialog. This issue is just about one specific isolated case where for some reason this feature isn't working properly. You say your score "isn't converting", can you be more specific about what you are doing, what you expect to see happens, and what happens instead?

If you're mentioning me, then I'm clicking the box that tells musescore to upload the source sound with it, and it gets all the way to 99% then gives the "Sorry" Message.

Hi, It's me again... for a while it worked perfectly but now it's doing it again. not sure what happened. I uploaded 3 scores b4 it did this...

@mnmwert thank you for our message. We are still in the dark on why it sometimes works, and sometimes not. Keep us posted on whether you can detect a pattern on when it fails or works. Thanks for your help.

I've noticed a couple times the bar, when it's uploading, sometimes fills up then the error appears, sometimes it will hit a random percentage, then gradually go back down to 0. Idk if this helps, but I hope it does :p


I have the same problem with a score (Eglogue.mscz) using the "acoustic_grand_piano_ydp_20080910" soundfont - the export stage completes fine, then the upload stage begins, progress bar gets to 4%, then a pause, then drops back down to 0%, then another pause, and then the error message "Sorry, Musescore could not upload the audio."

I uploaded a different score (Au_Bord_D'Une_Source.mscz) successfully yesterday using the same soundfont.

Both scores attached - hope they might help with diagnosis?

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Eglogue.mscz 44.17 KB
Au_Bord_D'Une_Source.mscz 53.29 KB

Same issue, my score will export fine and then upload to 9% and then get stuck and fail- have tried logging out in client, closing and re-opening client and rebooting p.c.- still failing.

Hi, a temporary fix is to export an mp3 of the score, use a video maker to create an audio/visual 'movie' to send to youtube. then upload the score to musescore without the soundfont, then use the youtube's video/audio with the score. (you can do this under 'manage audio sources'

OS : Windows 10
Version : 2.1

Thanks mnmwert for suggested workaround - that's what I've done in the past, but I'm lazy and I love the new upload audio feature when it works!

Can anyone who reported the audio upload issue let us know if they are having the issue on macOS? We are having a slight suspicion the issue only occurs on Windows.

The same problem is happening when I try to save online with a soundfont. I am also using Windows 10 with Musescore 2.1

I tried to reproduce on Windows 10 and on MacOS but I can't.

If someone can reproduce, on Mac or Linux, please try to run mscore -d and upload audio. If you have a failure, you should see a message like error uploading media and a number. If you do, please share the number, it will help...

For windows, mscore -d will not work. I will add the error in the dialog in a nightly. So if you use a nightly of 2.2, you should see an error with a number. Please share this number.

Thank you !
So we have an error #2
QNetworkReply::RemoteHostClosedError "the remote server closed the connection prematurely, before the entire reply was received and processed"

@lasconic, welcome! I just retried with that file and I got the same issue (12:36 CET). Maybe on the servers you can see some logs.

OK. We have some leads.

I made some changes in cf30452 for 2.2 and 9255d11 for master. We will not retry 5 times before failing on this particular error. I also added a button to cancel the upload.
We believe the path from the client to the server might be a problem and we will make some improvements on the server too.

Hi everyone, thank you for your patience on the "audio upload" issue. The upgrade of the site took all of our summer time away but now that this is nearly over, we can go back to some nagging issues such as this one.

So we deployed an alternative route via which audio files will be uploaded from the MuseScore software to the server. Our hope is that we will see less failed uploads, but we are not certain whether it will be the case. The main problem remains that this issue is nearly impossible to reproduce and so very hard to fix.

Anyhow, keep us posted on your findings with the upload audio feature from the Save Online functionality in the MuseScore software.

I've been trying to upload since yersterday the attached file with the standard 2.1 version but the audio import keeps failing.
Then I've installed the test version 2.2 (abdf88a) and used the same soundfont (Virtual Playing Orchestra) but the issue is not solved: it tries two times reaching only 2%.
The only difference is that the error message with the 2.2 is not visible anymore.
With a previous test build I could see even the error #.

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Concettina,_il_vino!.mscz 184.79 KB

Here is (to quote DJ Khaled) anotha one.
This score failed to upload audio. It does use the default soundfont, but the slap bass sounds weird when uploaded regularly (but that's a topic for another post), and I messed with some of the master effects, so I just added the same soundfont twice in the synthesizer and it allowed me to upload the audio. Once again, the exporting went well but the uploading stopped around 3% and then I got the same error message. I sure hope this gets fixed soon.
Oh wait, one more thing. I doubt it's my computer, since this older score managed to upload successfully. I hope this helped.

Status (old) active won't fix
Status active won't fix

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, re-downloading the soundfont, using a different website to download it and I tried to restart my PC. Nothing works. It's now currently giving me "Cannot Upload: 4"

OS: Windows 10
Musescore: Ver. 2.1
Soundfont: SGM V2.01 (SF2)

PC: Acer Aspire E15 E5-575G-55NW
CPU: I5-7200U
Storage: 256GB SSD

Just in case this is important

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Title Audio file will not upload to website Are we still having issues with audio uploading to musescore?

So basically it is currently impossible for me to fix this bug? I can export as an mp3 file but I have to have the score and the sound together. Has Musescore really not worked around this yet? This bug hasn't been solved and it has been 4 months now...

Title Are we still having issues with audio uploading to musescore? Audio file will not upload to website

The issue is still open and for a reason ;-)
There were attempts to fix this in the nightly builds for 2.2 (namely in cf30452, back in August), so maybe give those a try?

@EnricoM : It (currently) isn't possible and there is no intention to make this work. The MuseScore team chose to leverage the YouTube API for this (see thread at
See for how to use this function to upload your own rendered audio and… for information on how the synchronization between the displayed score and the result of the previous step works.

@DaforLynx : The feature is available to both normal and Pro users. The only limitations for a non-Pro user are:
* You can only Send-to-YouTube once a day
* You cannot make the YouTube track the default playback option; so your listeners have to manually select that audio source from the score options every time they wish to listen to it.

Status (old) fixed active
Status fixed active

It might be fixed for you now, but others probably still have the issue, because of that this issue was active before you entered.

Sorry, no fix for this issue. We will have to fix it in the next MuseScore release as it can't be fixed from the server side alone.

I tried something in the latest 2.2 nightly… I force set the content-length header when sending the file to S3. I cannot reproduce the problem myself so it would be cool if people who encounter this problem often could test.

My current understanding of the problem is that for some reasons, S3 or an intermediary server doesn't like the way we send data. I thought content-length could be missing but that my only guess for the application layer. Next up is the transport layer, but I doubt we can do anything about it.

Dear people,

I have just tried with a number of versions of Musescore Nightly build to send a musescore file with the function "Save online" to your Score site.

This was not successful.

Test 1 MuseScoreNightly-201712172332-2.2-30a908c-x86_64.AppImage. This has the possibility of the function "Save online" But I can not find the possibility that the original "Sound fond" should be saved.
And the Fond is also not taken automatically.

Test 2 MuseScoreNightly-201712201604-master-1943bd1-x86_64.AppImage. Here the possibility is missing "Save online"

Test 3 MuseScoreNightly-201712172315-master-0d22fd4-x86_64.AppImage. Here too there is no possibility "Save online"

Test 4 MuseScoreNightly-201712211356-master-35899c0-x86_64.AppImage. Here too there is no possibility "Save online"

I hope you have something about this data. If this is insufficient, let me know what information you would like to have



Nightly builds from master don't have the option to save online.
For all 2.x releases you need to have selected a nonstandard soundfont and have installed the lame_enc.dll, i.e. need to be to export as MP3, most probably you don't have one or the other for that nightly 2.2 build

In reply to by Jojo-Schmitz

Comment by Jojo-Schmitz:

OK, that should exclude the lame_enc.dll issue. Can you export to MP3?

Jojo, sorry it is undoubtedly mine. But I do not understand well. What I want is a music piece made with musescore that is the soundfond TimGM6mg.sf2. used in my Score list. I do not want to export an Mp3 file. I do not want the Score site to use its own Soundfonfd



In order to be able to upload a custom sound file along with a score you need to be able to export to Mp3, as that's what happens under the cover

In reply to by Jojo-Schmitz

Dear Jojo,

yes I can export a musescore file as an Mp3 file !! But I only get the opportunity to store it on my own computer. And that is not necessary because it is already on my hard disk as a Musescore file. I want to have it in the Musecore Score manager…

When exporting an MP3 file there is no possibility (the link with the Site is not there) to send the file online to the site.

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Perhaps there is a misunderstanding here. When you check "Upload Score Audio" it does not save an MP3 you can see listed only as an MP3. does give others the opportunity to download an MP3 of the file.

In reply to by mike320

Yes, I also think there are misfits about what I'm looking for. Sorry, apparently, I am not able to clarify in English what I would like. I would like the Sheets I upload to Musescore to play with the same Soundfond as with which I made them.

It was Thomas who gave me a clear answer that the Sound-fond option is not possible and that one is looking for the why not.

This is Thoma's text: Hi Fred Paul, as i'm native Dutch speaking, I understand what you are looking for. In 2.1 we introduced the ability of storing the audio file along with your score file via save online. Unfortunately as Marc raised, this feature doesn't work flawless yet. But I wanted to bring to your attention that we may have a solution and that we need some feedback from testers to understand whether the problem was solved. Please read further at Next, download and run a 2.2 nightly build and save your score online along with the audio file. Keep us posted whether this works for you. Thanks!

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Unfortunately I think you are still misunderstanding some things here. Let me try to explain in my words; maybe another perspective will help.

MuseScore 2.1 has the ability to "Upload score audio" along with your score. This option only appears if you use "File / Save Online" from within MuseScore - it does not appear if you try uploading from the web site (what you are referring to as the "MuseScore score manager" is actually a web site). but even when using "File / Save Online", the option to "Upload score audio" only appears if two things are true:

1) you are actually using a soundfont other than the default


2) your computer is configured to allow you to export MP3 files

It is because of 2) that we are asking you to be sure you can export to MP3. not because we think the MP3 will be useful, but because if your computer lacks this ability, then MuseScore will not give you the option to "Upload score audio".

So, step one is to be sure you are seeing that option in 2.1. The option, again, is present both in 2.1 and in 2.2 nightly builds. So nothing has changed between 2.1 and 2.2 in this respect.

However, in certain rare cases, sometimes people will see the option to "Upload score audio", and enable that option, but then when they try to save their score online, they get an error message.

That is what we are hoping is fixed in 2.2 nightly builds, as of a few days ago. That is, we want you to try a 2.2 nightly build, make sure you are using the "Upload score audio" option, and then see if the error you are sometimes getting goes away.

So, step two is to let us know if you have been been able to enable the option in a 2.2 nightly build.

Step three is to enable the option and let us know if you still see an error when you actually save your score online.

Is that more clear?

In reply to by Marc Sabatella

Dear Marc,
Thank you very much for giving a 76-year-old Digibeet attention. I really appreciate that.

Your explanation was very enlightening and also showed what my thinking errors were. Despite your clear owl, I still encounter a few difficulties that I can not solve, despite my search in my computer, Firefox brewer, the Internnet, Musescore 2.1 program.

Although I am a bit afraid to ask you for advice here, because I think it is something that falls outside the Musescore program, I am still so free to do it.

Point 1) seems clear to me. I use the sound fond TimGM6mb.sf2 and I understand that this is not your standard sound fond. That is FluitR3momo_GM.sf3

Point 2) is totally unclear to me, because the comment can export your computer MP3 files completely confuses me.

I really do not know where I should search on the computer to export MP3 files

Also in Firefox, which should allow or allow that, I can not find it.

However, I can export a Musescore file as a Mps file if I change the file's extention in MP3 in the window (see print screen).
But in that window I can only export it to the disks of my own computer. I can not access the internet from that window to send it to your site.

The Mp3 file that I export and save on my own disk can be played with VLC player and is an Mp3 file.

I am convinced that I am missing something or lack knowledge, but until now it is not possible. Where is my thinking error?


In reply to by fredpaul

Regarding #2, the way to find out if your computer is capable of exporting MP3 files if to go to File / Export from within MuseScore and specify MP3 as the file type. If it works, then your computer is capable of it. If you get an error message, then it isn't. Computers that have the "lame" library installed can do this, those that don't can't. So if you were able to export an MP3 file from File / Export within MuseScore, you are good to go.

Then the only remaining question is what happens if you download the nightly build of 2.2 and do File / Save Online and enable the "Upload score audio" option - are you then able to upload your score? if not, ehat exactly goes wrong?

Title Audio file will not upload to website Will this ever be fixed?

I'm so confused on why the musescore team can't fix this issue... I know I can upload mp3s with the audio but what is the point if I can't have the score either? Even if this is difficult to fix, it really needs to be fixed sooner or later.

Title Will this ever be fixed? Audio file will not upload

I understand your frustration but please do not change the title of an issue. Consistent and descriptive titles are very important to the bug tracking process.

Anyhow, have you followed the suggestions here for helping us fix the bug, including downloading the 2.2 nightly build and reporting your findings? As mentioned, since none of us can reproduce the problem, we depend on users to follow the steps given to help isolate the problem and verify potential fixes.

In reply to by Marc Sabatella

I have now been struck down with this issue as well. The upload makes it up to 7%, then back down two 1%, and then tells me I can't upload. OS: Windows 10 64-bit, MuseScore Version: 2.1.0 Revision: 871c8ce, trying to Upload Score Audio with GS 1.47. The only change I've recently made is I've turned on port-forwarding on my router, which hasn't been on before this issue. I don't know a whole lot about that, but could that be a cause?

I have to say that I do not know a solution. But why not put that port back in the old state and try to upload it again.
Possibly help that

I am having the same issue. It shows the exporting status screen, then the upload status screen, goes to 4% and stops and then says it cannot upload. I am attaching my score. The soundfont is "Nice-Keys-Ultimate-V2.3.sf2". The patch is Yamaha 5C Grand. I hoping a MuseScore support team member can upload this to my account. I've uploaded another piano score with the same settings and soundfont and it worked fine. I have tried uploading this score several times; each time logging out first and logging back in as suggested. Thanks.

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Of Thought.mscz 36.06 KB

Yes. I used the top on on the list as of today. It shows as 3.0. There is no upload feature enabled on this version. I see others have tried 2.2 without success either. My guess is that this is a server issue and not the desktop software issue. I think the server is closing the connection too soon as if it were under attack by a hacker. If this is running on the latest version of IIS, I would review your security policy.

The last few comments I have tried to save take almost 15 seconds for the server to respond. I think your server is running way too slow. That might be part of the problem for uploading scores with audio. Are you sure that the server is not opening some runaway child processes and eating your resources?

I tried 2.2 (MuseScoreNightly-2018-01-29-1423-2.2-9f3cc2c) and it shows the exporting status screen, then the upload status screen, goes to 4% and stops. However, this time it don not give me any feedback. It's just stopped uploading. This is not behaving as if it were the desktop application having a problem. It is behaving as if it were a web server issue (number and size of resources, security policy or permissions). I don't think the fix is on the client side; I think it's something on the server side. My day gig is IT; support of web applications and web servers are my day . . . thanks

Status (old) patch (code needs review) fixed
Status fixed

Fixed in branch 2.3.2, commit a843cb4dd2

fix #197716: uploading audio failed

Changed setWindowModality() for upload progress dialog to Qt::NonModal. This fixes glitch which blocks both async processes put() request and uploadProgress() call.

I could not reproduce the case on simple project, so the problem is in MuseScore event processing itself.

See Qt reference: "Warning: If the progress dialog is modal (see QProgressDialog::QProgressDialog()), setValue() calls QApplication::processEvents(), so take care that this does not cause undesirable re-entrancy in your code. For example, don't use a QProgressDialog inside a paintEvent()!"