New: SalamanderC5-Light SF2 Soundfont (Grand Piano)

• Aug 4, 2017 - 17:03

Another gift to Musescore users: SalamanderC5-Light, SF2 Soundfont.

24.5MB (versus 1.12GB! sFz; or 650MB sf2)
7 velocity layers.

Details, Samples and Download:


Thank you very much. You have done an outstanding job bringing this piano down to a very compact 24.5MB.
I've always loved the Salamander Grand sound and its every bit as good as some very expensive professional VST's.
You might consider uploading a version in standard zip or rar because I suspect there will be some having trouble with the 7zip format.

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Thanks for comments.
Since I adjust this version to Musescore's dynamics, the sound-tone (timbre) is a little brighter than the original.

I did not want to use ZIP format because the regular ZIP file opened like a folder on windows computers.
But you can be right; Maybe I need to convert the file format from "7z" to "zip".

But since you are the only one who responds, it doesn't seem to be so popular :D

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