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• Aug 27, 2017 - 16:44

I started entering Paul Simon's American Tune, but on the third measure the first quarter notes (Major F, 2nd inversion) suddenly come to a long pause. I don't see anything that would cause this. What am missing?

Just discovered this software, and have only been digging into it for a couple hours, but enjoying it.

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That is because the default tempo is 1/4 note=120BPM and a 1/8=80 is the same as 1/4 note=40BPM. If you open the play panel (F11) it will show the tempo near the top.

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Welcome aboard.

You wrote: I didn’t realize it...[the tempo]...could be set differently for different measures.

Not only measures, but the tempo of a series of notes can be gradually changed.
Check this out:
(You may have to scroll up a few lines to see the 'Ritardando and accelerando' sub-heading. It may be hidden behind the blue MuseScore logo and search banner.)


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