Fingering for string instruments

• Sep 7, 2017 - 16:46

how do I input these two fingerings:
1. one finger on two strings, red arrow pointing;
2. one finger on hold for next a few notes, green arrow pointing.

there are so many of them.

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This result? : fingering.mscz

For 1. The concern was for the line with hooks?
For 2. Use the first set of numbers (Fingering palette) for the first one, above the note, and add ordinary text and underscore (modify then vertical offset in Inspector) for the second fingering.
Or here, in attached files, simply with the lyrics feature (Ctrl + L), so number 3 and underscore (NB: the 3 size is not really the same, but can be easily edited: ie fingering1.mscz )

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1. "But not following the notes movements [...] how did you add it anyway? from "z"?

Not a symbol. Simply the straight line (in Lines palette)
1) Select the two notes -> double-click on straight line (Lines palette)

2) Right-click -> Line properties -> Tick "Hook/begin" and "Hook/End" (1,50sp default or here 1,00sp) -> Ok

3) Double-click on the line for edit mode -> with handles, move the line as you wish (be sure if "Allow diagonal" is checked in Inspector, but it's the default, so no reason)

For 2. "why my one looks like dashed line?"

Indeed, your receive a dashed line by using a fingering with size 6.

But edit (double-click -> Ctrl + A -> text edit -> size 7, here, on the following attached file),
or 9 and upper, and the line is really an underscore: Selection THE MARQUIS..mscz

Don't know exactly why.
So, edit slightly the fingering size (or use ordinary text with underscore, or lyrics feature with underscore) as preferred.

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Thanks, that solves the puzzle now, and for current version, this is probably the best solution.
And now, here comes the 3rd:
3. One finger on floating for (nature) harmonic.
I can achieve it with two ways:
W1. “z” to add a harmonic symbol, and then add finger number on top. By this way, it needs extra alignments of both with the note, it looks good, but slow to make, and I might and would have format consistency problem if I had a lot of them in the score;
W2. Finger number entry first, and then in the fingering text box “enter” a new line, and then type in a letter “o” to fake it. This way is quicker, no format consistency problem, but “o” is not a perfect circle, and the line distance between both is too big, looks strange.
Do you have a better solution?

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