toolbar and palette icons missing, stay missing even after revert to factory settings

• May 3, 2013 - 15:13

Woke up this morning to this:


This with MuseScore 1.3 on Windows 7.

Unfortunately, the situation was not resolved after revert to factory settings (mscore.exe -F).

I do wonder about the revert operation. Looking at the musescore.ini file after the revert, I see a lot of old stuff still there that I would have expected to have been wiped out - my shortcuts, list of open scores, etc. But some things *were* reset - soundfont, recent documents. Is this normal?

FWIW, the only noteworthy thing I had been doing yesterday was running a self-compiled 2.0 build. These have never interfered with each other before, though.

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Have you checked that Qt and MinGW are no more in your PATH before launching 1.3?
Moreover, I have tried to compile MuseScore with MinGW gcc 4.8 (dwarf-rev1) and Qt 4.8.4 and I found that even when Qt and MinGW are no more in the PATH, the mere presence of the folder C:\Qt\4.8.4 was interfering with MuseScore 1.3 (i.e. MuseScore 1.3 was not starting because of QtCore4.dll; probably hard-coded absolute paths somwhere?). I renamed C:\Qt to C:\Qt2 (and added two lines in my compilation script to rename to C:\Qt at the beginning and back again at the end) and MuseScore 1.3 started to work fine again.

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I never added Qt or MinGW to my system path; I instead opted for the method where I run a batch file to set the path in the cmd window from which I kick off my builds.

However, you appear to have hit the nail on the hard coded absolute path issue. I don't know about QtCore4.dll specifically - I receive no errors of any kind that I am aware of, and MuseScore starts up just fine aside from the missing icons. But renaming the C:\Qt folder does indeed allow 1.3 to run normally, so thank you!

Now, given that I would like to be running QtCreator while developing and this interferes with the renaming of Qt, does anyone have any other ideas on how to resolve this issue? I assume I could find all the places where thre path to Qt is references in the makefiles and/or build scripts and fix them to use the renamed version. Any simpler solutions?

Dear Marc,
I think I found a solution for your problem: add a file named qt.conf to MuseScore 1.3 bin directory, containing the following lines:

where instead of "C:/Programmi/MuseScore/bin/" you should put the absolute path to your MuseScore 1.3 bin folder (you should use this kind of slash / in the path, even if it is a Windows path).
By so doing, even if folder C:\Qt\4.8.4 does exist, MuseScore 1.3 will first search in its own bin directory the needed Qt libraries and you can use Qt Creator debugger as usual (since no renaming is needed).
Hope that helps.


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Beautiful! Thanks, that worked perfectly. First time I got an error message about trying to run a DLL, but MuseScore still opened normally. Then I noticed I had an extra trailing space in the file I created, so I deleted it and tried again, and this time, no error.

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