Repeat measures

• Jan 11, 2018 - 05:29

How do I get measures 1 through 3 on the attached score to repeat the second time through before going to measure 4?

Thank you. Happy New Year.

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They do play the 2nd time (and the 1st time too)
Do you have the 'Play Repeats' button enabled?

Edit: Ah I see you want them to play again twice after measure 10

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What you are doing is called a nested repeat - a repeat within a repeat. This is incorrect / non-standard musical notation and not supported for playback. Also not recommended because humans will only certainly choke on it as well. The correct way to notate this is to write out the inner repeat in full.

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Thanks much, Marc, on the proper way to notate this. The original piano solo sheet music from which I copied this nested repeat has it written out the way I presented it. I copied the score to Musescore so that I could practice piano chord voicing.

I have learned much from utilizing Musescore and from the kind instruction I have received from you and other Musescore users. Thank you!

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