If you try to manually add a chord in bass clef with numerous ledger lines it switches to treble.

• Jan 13, 2018 - 21:26


In the key of C with a simple Grand Staff, in the left hand try to add a B-D-F-A chord (manually), the A is impossible to manually add in the bass clef.

This has caused me a bunch of problems, when updating scores.

I think its a bug.....

Example given.

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So, by using the mouse, you have to increase a bit the "grand staff distance" (in Style/General/Page). Eg 7.00 or more, instead of the 6.5 default. It will work, see with this file: 1chordex.mscz
(Or, manually by increasing this distance by holding Shift and drag the second staff with the mouse)

But no need to increase the default distance by entering notes with the computer keyboard, ie B-Shift/D-Shift/F-Shift/A

To be clear, there is no bug here: MuseScore has no way of knowing which staff you are trying to enter notes on when clicking between staves, so it has to guess. No matter what we guess, sometimes that guess will be wrong, regardless of which way we guess.

Entering notes by keyboard instead of mouse is indeed much more efficient and accurate in general, and hence I always strongly recommended that people switch to that. But even so, there is guesswork involved, since MuseScore won't know what octave you want after typing a pitch.

Either way, the solution is similar: Ctrl+Up/Down to change pitch by an octave. When using the mouse, simply always enter the corresponding pitch within the staff (or at least close to it) then use Ctrl+Up/Down as necessary to move it into position. When using the keyboard, type the pitch name then also use Ctrl+Up/Down as necessary.

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