Edits to palettes not persisting in custom workspace

• Feb 7, 2018 - 18:59

I have created a custom workspace so that I can easily access the symbols (both custom and stock) that I need while eliminating those that I don't. I started in the Advanced workspace, created a custom workspace, then modified the existing palettes to suit my purposes by removing some symbols and adding others from my current project, as well as deleting one or two which I don't use. However, if I restart MuseScore, the only part of these changes that persists is deleting palettes. Otherwise, when I switch into my custom workspace, all of the remaining palettes look exactly like they do in the Advanced workspace, as though I never modified them. What am I doing wrong?


It sounds like you do exactly what I do to customize a palette.

Create a workspace based upon the Advanced work space and switch to it.
Add and remove palettes and symbols.
Quit MuseScore.
Start MuseScore and the custom palettes are exactly as I set them up.

When you add a symbol is it displayed in the custom palette? Can you add it to a score using the normal method for adding a palette symbol?

I suppose it's possible there is a permissions error in your home folder that is preventing MuseScore from being able to write the palette files. Can you save them explicitly (right click, Save Palette)? Also, be sure you get a clean exit from MuseScore - if there is a crash, it may well be that workspaces are not updated properly. What OS are you on? I know some Linux systems create some sort of conflicts with some versions of MuseScore that get in the way of clean exits.

Hmm, something I noticed in your post, you mention switching to your custom workspace after restarting. Aren't you already in your workspace? If you are in it when you exit MuseScore, you should still be there when you restart. If you are finding this not the case, that's another sign that somehow MuseScore didn't save things properly. Anything unusual about your user account on this system?

It works now. No clue what happened - I didn't even change anything - but I tested it a bunch and it just works now. Thanks everybody for the advice!

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