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Please see attached file.
From Bar 16 it goes back to Bar 1 and plays upto Bar 4. Then jumps to Bar 6.
It should actually play Bar 1 to Bar 5 and go back to Bar 2, 3, 4 and than jump to 6.
Continue upto Bar 15. Then jump to Bar 17. Continue upto Bar 21. Repeat Bar 20 & 21. Go back to Bar 20, skip 21 and play 22 & 23.
How do I achieve this?

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This is being worked on for version 2.2. Find it here: https://musescore.org/en/download#Development-builds
Choose the proper operating system and use a version 2.2 nightly. 2.2 should be released rather soon, so there should be no issues opening it in future releases. When you use 2.2 check "Play Repeats" in the inspector for the D.C. According to what I have seen on the work for this, it should play as you expect. Try it out and report back, it will be a good real use test.

The last voltas won't play properly, as the play count of the measure with the end repeat barline is set to 2 rather than 3. Also the volta's repeat list is incomplete . The middle voltas won't playback, not currently at least, they may with 2.2.
And that D.C. doesn't take repeats in 2.1 and older, but will in 2.2, if setup for that

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After posting the suggestion that OP try a 2.2 nightly I started to test it. I saw where the voltas in conjunction with the D.C. should work, but it doesn't seem to. Do you know of something I have missed Jojo? I know that if the voltas around the D.C. were removed and the D.C. replaced with a D.C. al Coda, a to Coda the measure before the D.C. and a Coda where the second volta it, it will work properly. I'm not sure if what jeetee is working on right now is expected to fix this. See https://musescore.org/en/node/269623

@Jojo, you are correct about everything related to the last voltas of course.

After just a quick glance, I think you won't need the D.C. as an instruction at all (but maybe you'll want it there as staff text for your audience).

The reason is that a Jump is now being implemented by actually rewinding the score; in this case, because the DC is under the first volta, it'll indeed result in the 2nd verse being played as expected, but then will also replay the first volta.
This could then either be solved by, as mike suggested, using a DC al coda; or in this case likely even by simply making the current D.C. an end repeat and adjusting the volta properties.

Once my next fix is in place, I'll post a version with correct playback as an attachment here as well.

In all cases, the Fine in the last measure is superfluous.

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I thank all of you for your suggestions.
I have solved part of the problem.
In the revised score that I have attached herewith you will find the following:
In Bar 16 I have replaced the Volta bracket with DS al Coda and added the Segno symbol in Bar 1
In Bar 15 I have added To Coda
In Bar 17 I have added the Coda Symbol.
This works very well.
BUT when it is playing the 2nd verse (i.e. going back to Bar 1 from Bar 16) when it comes to Bar 4 it jumps to Bar 6 instead of playing Bar 5 and going back to Bar 2.
The problem seems to be with the Repeat List in the Volta Properties. The Repeat List is getting changed by itself to 1, 0 even though I entered 1, 3. This is the only problem I'm facing now.
Would appreciate your suggestions to resolve this issue.

Regarding the 2.2 version --- same problem exists. I'm sending you two files: one on the 2.1 version and the other on the 2.2 version.

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You could/should also loose the volta in measure 17 and the Fine at the end.
Also use a D.C. al Coda and loose the Segno.
The repeat list of the volta in measure 5 is wrong "1,0", but see below.

In 2.1 repeats are not taken after a jump, this only works in 2.2, if enabled on the Jump, via inspector.

The attached score should work in 2.1 and 2.2, except of course the repeat after the jump

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