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• Jul 18, 2013 - 03:27

I downloaded Dona Nobis Pacem from and modified it so I could play a duet with cello by adding that part. When I increased the spacing between stave lines a bit to make the notes bigger, the first system moved down the page about 4" leaving that much white space below the title. I'd also changed the key, but don't see how that would have affected things. Everything still fits on one page, but i has this awkward 4" white space at the top.

I've attached the file.

Can anyone tell me why it moved down the page so much and what I should do to get rid of the unwanted white space.


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I have no explanation as to why you have that result, but I was able to manipulate the layout (as attached) by going to Layout>Page Settings and altering the lower margin. Once only. When I accept it it seems to be locked in that position.

XP - 1.3

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The reason the system moved down when you increased the size a little is that your change caused the page to exceed the Page Fill Threshold defined in Style / Edit General Style / Page. Increasing this threshold to 100% would effectively disable the page fill mechanism, so systems won't be moved to fill the page any more.

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I can't say why that particular default was chosen, but ai can say that for "most" scores, it is pretty reasonable. You score is unusual in that there is room for only one system on the page, but it doesn't come close to fillong the page. This is not the usual situation. Most scores would either have a several systems per page (eg, a piano score with around five two-staff systems, or a part for a different instrument with maybe 10 one-staff systems, or maybe a score for string quartet with two 4-staff systems) or else they would have have only one system but it fills the page (eg, a score for concert band). In the latter case, the page is already full, so there is nothing for MuseScore to do with that setting, so it doesn't matter. In the former cases - sveral systems per page - it usually looks bad for all the extra space to always be at the bottom of the page. Instead, the normal way music is published is to spread the systems out to fill the pae - the last system flushwith the bottom margin, and the rest of the systems equally spaced above. This works just fine in all the cases I just mentioned, and 70% ends up being a reaosnable value.

2.0 will do things a bit differently, so the fill algorithm won't always push the last system all the way to the bottom of the page but will allow you to set a minimum and maximum system distance. It sounded stange to me at first, but having used it some now, it's actually a great solution.

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