Piano sound changed for a hugly one.

• Apr 14, 2018 - 00:13

7obu - Cloud 9.mscz Hello, after the latest update, my piano sound is not the same than before. I have the sound: Grand Piano and I think that before it was Yamaha piano. I d'ont know how to get back my piano sound.

Please help me. It was my favourite piano sound, this one isn't really good. It sounds like a fake piano.

Please contact me at: samivanto@hotmail.com if you have pertinent answers for me.

Thank you!

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There were indeed some changes made to the piano sounds in order to improve them, but as with all such things, it is subjective, and even if 99% of people find the new sounds an improvement, that doesn't help the 1% who prefer the old :-). You are welcome to go the Synthesizer section of the handbook and download the old FluidR3 soundfont.

Sorry. It's embarrassing when reading it again at 21 years old. I regret wording it like that. Sorry for my rudeness.

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