Add "Don't display in parts" and "Don't Display in full score" option for texts

• Apr 21, 2018 - 13:24

When I'm editing a conductor score, I need to place multiple tempo markings and rehearsal marks in both on top of the woodwind sections, the brass section, the percussion, etc. It's fine for me to do it manually until I start editing the parts. I have to hide every redundant text in again and again and it's a pain in the butt.
I know I can fake them with staff texts but it's still a tiring work. Plus, too many hidden objects on screen makes it difficult for ones to focus on the layout of scores. So a function to make them completely invisible would help a lot.

Apart from tempo and rehearsal marks, conductor's note is also supposed not to be shown in parts, and conversely, sometime it is not necessary for notes on parts to be on the conductor's score, too. A good example might be the end of " Lincolnshire Posy". On the condensed score, there's a conductor note about "Tp. and Bar. should not arrive at the last note at the same time", whereas on part scores, the note is basically "Don't follow the conductor here".


For the first part, are you talking about selecting the tempo markings to make them invisible? Just press V and it will shown them as a light grey color indicating that on the printed out score they will be invisible.

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Not exactly. I know that I can press V and make things invisible in printed-out scores. The problem is that I have to do this so many times that it becomes a extremely tedious work.

For example, my current score has 32 parts, I have around 35 rehearsal marks throughout my piece, and I place them on top of woodwinds, brasses, and percussion. Overall, I have to hide 32 x 35 x (3-1)=2240 redundant rehearsal marks in the part scores waiting to be hidden manually, and this is only a 15-min wind orchestra work. If someone is composing symphonies, it's possible to have 10 thousands to hide.

Also the grayed-out objects will affect users editing layout due to their overwhelming density on scores.

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You can hide all rehearsal marks for a single staff in one action - right click one, Select / All Similar Elements in Same Staff, V.

Long term, though, sure, it would be nice to not have to do even that. In fact, I think it would be better to not have to duplicate the rehearsal marks above the brass and percussion at all. Wouldn't it be better if there was a way to control which staves rehearsal marks appear on in the first place? Right now, it's top stvisible staff only. What if there were a setting in Staff Properties that said "Always display system elements" (or maybe broke it down further)? Then you could just set up the score how you like, and as you entered your rehearsal marks, tempo changes, and other system elements, they'd show up in the right places in the score automatically, and there would be no duplication in the parts.

That's how I envision the problem eventually being solved, anyhow.

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