Saving scores

• Apr 23, 2018 - 21:43

When I try to save my scores, I keep getting the dreaded "You cannot save to this directory" What is happening? I have access to everything. This is my computer.


It sounds like you have an administrator log in and a user login. You installed MuseScore as an administrator and are running it as a user.

Could also be you are trying to save to a directory that is not "yours" as a user (eg, C:\Program Files" on Windows). What OS, what user name are you logged in as, and what folder are you trying to save to?

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You created a folder called "MuseScore" and are trying to save to that? Normally MuseScore would try to save to the "Scores" folder it creates, in C:\Users\yourname\OneDrive\Documents\MuseScore2\Scores by default. Is this what you mean? If so, then I would try rebooting and being sure you are logged in as you and not using a separate administrator account. If that still fails, maybe try saving a file to that same folder using another program, like WordPad - does that work?

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As far as I know it is the default location of your Documents folder on a Windows 10 installation, yes, unless you opt out during your original system set up. I have both a \Users\marc\OneDrive\Documents and a \Users\marc\Documents, but Windows uses the former by default unless I explicitly override it.

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