Percussion: stem direction of note does not obey "Edit Drumset" settings if entered via virtual piano or MIDI keyboard

• Apr 26, 2018 - 16:19
S4 - Minor

Win 10 / MS 2.2.1, 51b8386

See discussion at The attached score compares notes entered from the on-screen Piano with those entered from the Drum Input palette (DIP).

  • Notes entered from the DIP by double-clicking or using a keyboard shortcut, obey the stem-direction set in "Edit Drumset."
  • But notes entered from the virtual Piano ignore the stem-direction set in "Edit Drumset." Instead they obey the standard music notation rules for stem direction.

This is a bug. The stem directions should always obey the "Edit Drumset" settings.

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Actually there is more to it than this. The behavior described above happens only if nothing is selected in the drum input palette. The only way I can get into this situation is upon first starting the program. Once I have used the drum input palette at all, somehow is selected and it sticks. And from then on, that determines the notes entered when using the piano keyboard - the specific key pressed doesn't matter at all. To me that's also a bug although maybe someone likes it that way?

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We need to be extremely careful when fixing this bug because this is not true : The stem directions should always obey the "Edit Drumset" settings

It's important that users can change the direction of stems. For example it's very common for drumset to notate snare stem down in rhythm and stem up in breaks. This is already not so convenient to enter but very common (at least in France)

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Also, we have taken some care to allow the voice to be sected by the user when desired - certain input methods use the voice from the definition, others allow the user to override.

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Do you mean about the stems? Workaround is to flip the stems manually ("X") or use a different method of entering notes (eg, keyboard shortcuts, mouse) if you want the automatic stem directions). The more serious issue is that once you use the drum palette at all, then piano keyboard (and presumably MIDI) input always uses that pitch instead of the pitch of the note you selected. There no no known workaround for this except to not use those input methods. But, because it has worked this way for years and apparently no one has complained, it would be good to discuss this in the forum before changing it.