Compiling problems

• Nov 14, 2009 - 11:13


I'm having problems compiling mscore. The compiler prints something like that:

In included file /home/alkayata/Documentos/mscore/mscore/mscore/mscore/score.h:33,
from /home/alkayata/Documentos/mscore/mscore/mscore/mscore/event.cpp:24:
/home/alkayata/Documentos/mscore/mscore/mscore/mscore/select.h:24:23: error: ui_select.h: file not found

It's the first time I have a problem compiling this program. I have the qt 4.5 and cmake 2.6 packets installed.



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It's not my day. Finally it compiled, but when I do make install it sais that:

CMake Error at share/locale/cmake_install.cmake:36 (FILE):
file INSTALL cannot find file
to install.
Call Stack (most recent call first):
share/cmake_install.cmake:39 (INCLUDE)
cmake_install.cmake:46 (INCLUDE)

And both, /home/alkayata/Documentos/mscore/mscore/mscore/share/locale/, and /home/alkayata/Documentos/mscore/mscore/build/mscore/share/locale/ have no qm files...

That goes far away beyond my informatic knowledge... please help!


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When I make "make lrelease", it seems to fail for every ts file. It says:

lrelease error: duplicate messages found in '/home/alkayata/Documentos/mscore/mscore/mscore/share/locale/mscore_cs.ts':

* Context: articulation
* Source: ufermata

* Context: action
* Source: local help

I've tried it for mscore_af.ts mscore_ar.ts, mscore_ca.ts. When I remove one of the duplicated entries, it works... I'll try to fix it.

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