Disable display of instrument names in individual parts.

• May 22, 2018 - 12:19

It would be useful if the long and short instrument names could be shown only in the score and not at the start of each system in individual parts. This would follow the most common practice that I see. Currently after creating parts, I have to go through each one and open the Stave Properties dialogue to delete the Long and short instrument names (leaving the score alone of course, as I want the names shown there).

Perhaps there could be tick boxes on the Stave Properties dialogue for [Show instrument name in score] and [Show instrument name in parts].


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Still, though, something is wrong if you need to use this option. It should already be set correctly by default for all new scores. Only scores imported from other sources or created in extremely old versions of MuseScore should ever require you to change this setting yourself. So if you are finding you need to do this, it's worth understanding what has gone wrong.

I suppose it's possible a score imported from MusicXML or an extremely ancient version of MuseScore might be set to show instrument name on all staves by default even without your having changed it. But indeed, normally, everything should just work, you shoyld have to be messing with this at all, so something unusual is definitely going on with your score. Feel free to attach it so we can understand better what may have happened.

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As far as I know all versions of MuseScore have this option, the only difference is whether it is set by default or not. Go to Style / General if you have a recent version (2.x - anything from within past three years), I forget where this might be in older versions (1.x). You are looking for 'Hide instrument name if there is only one instrument". Worst case if you still have trouble finding it, just delete the instrument name (select and press delete with any recent version, or right click staff, Staff Properties, edit the long & short names).

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