can't edit a specific rehearsal mark

• Jun 12, 2018 - 16:58

im trying to edit (actually delete) a particular reheasal mark, but Im not able to open it up to edit... i unhid empty staves to see if it was attached to a particular note, and also hit "select->all similar elements" but it wont let me edit this specific one.
is there a way to find the note or rest i may have attached it to? Other workarounds would be to delete alll of the reheasal marks and start fresh, or can i paste a text frame on top of it to mask it?



You need to attach your score and tell us which rehearsal mark you want to edit/delete. Attach the score by replying, then click "Choose a file" that will appear below your response. Make sure you don't attach the score that starts with a . and ends with a ,

will do. i fixed one piece that has this by just deleting the rehearsal marks and doing them over, but the other piece has way more, so ill post that score shortly. Thanks!

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Do you mean the note that says

"At some point, cue to Solo Vamp 1 and continue through rest of chart (solo vamp 1, solo vamp
out, bridge, melody II, melody 1, rit. and hold on Mel. 1 repeat)"

If so, this is a text frame that you appended to the end of the score using Add->Frames->Append...

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Probably the same issue as with the rehearsal marks: you dragged it off page.
Select one staff text, right-click, select all, reset positions in Inspector (or by pressing Ctrl+R)
This will move that particular staff text to page 4, there you can delete it.
Downside: you need to reposition the others now.
Or stitch to continues mode, find, select and delete that5 element there, switch pack to page mode

Known issue, see e.g. #21860: Dragging elements to other pages makes them lost

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