Volta malfunction

• Jun 12, 2018 - 17:30

Please see attachment, pg. 4 (end page). Voltas do not work right. Volta 1.2. only plays twice. It should repeat a 3rd time and go to the ending, Volta 3, I studied the handbook and did what it says. Volta Properties, etc. should all be correct and work right. What is happening? thanx

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OK, I got it to repeat 3 times, but on M13, afetr 3rd repeat it should go to the ending of the piece, Volta 3. It doesn't. it plays the organ interlude, then plays Volta 3. Please see attachment below, pg 4. It works fine in the E minor version of SATB chorus, so why doesn't it work in my Male Chorus version,? In both versions, the Volta propeties are exactly the same, as far as I can tell! Thank You.

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You are right, the Men's Chorus version does play through perfectly here on the Forum attachment. I just checked it. However, and this is TOO weird, when I went back to MS in my PC and checked the same version, it does NOT work right. After the 3rd repeat, it plays the organ 2 bars then the ending--all wrong. So,,
can I download my own file from this MS Forum and use it? I have two choruses I have to send it to to consider for next year's Christmas season. i can't imagine why it would work on the Forum attachment if it didn't work right on the PC I uploaded it from!? How do I download it to my computer, if I can?

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I don't understand your question about how you can download the version from the forum. You already did if you can listen to it on your computer. Perhaps you don't realize the downloaded version is located in your "downloads" folder, unless your default download location is different, which would be very surprising.

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You're right, I did locate the Forum version in my downloads, it works perfectly, so now I'm all set! i didn't realize that just by playing a Forum Upload it would, I guess,automatically download into my PC. Thanks very much for your attention and help once again after quite a long time. Del

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