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• Jun 12, 2018 - 23:58

Is there a way to change the stem lengths of several notes at once, which aren't necessarily consecutive? I'd like to be able to choose which notes, in the same manner of being able to use CTRL-click to choose cells in Excel.

Alternately, if that's not possible, can you do a whole page at once?



If the notes are beamed, just drag the beam. And as mentioned, if they are extending above/below the staff, there are style settings to control that. Otherwise, it isn't clear why you'd want to adjust the lengths, so seeing an actual score would help us understand how to advise best.

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Hmm, again, except in the special case of stems extending beyond the staff, you really should never need to be messing with lengths. MuseScore adheres to the universal standard here, so unless you are deliberately creating an experimental notation, it is best not to mess with it - non-standard notation often just causes confusion. Do feel free to attach your score so we can understand better if there is something unusual going on.

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Thanks but I no longer have the version with the longer stems. This is my first score ( I was combining two parts into one), and it was a percussion score and I had many more issues than stem length. It's a pretty steep learning curve and I bought the Mastering MuseScore book, which was very helpful. I ended up with a pretty nice score. The only thing I couldn't solve was that I needed two different voices in a measure that had different patterns for each voice and I couldn't get the sixteenth rest in the right place. I need to better study the chapter on Voices. I decided I couldn't play both parts at the same time and rewrote it.

Thanks for all the advice.

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Ah, with percussion you are indeed likely to have stems extending above or below the staff. The default stem lengths are "decent" but there is hardly a universal standard here and wanting to shorten them is not at all unreasonable. So you may find the "shorten stem" settings in the Style menu useful in the future.

Also feel free to attach a score to ask questions about voices. The discussion in my book is geared more for pitched instruments; percussion works a little differently. So you will want read both sections carefully and try things out until you get the hang of it.

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