Deleting Tuplets Deletes Notes Affected by Them

• Jul 9, 2018 - 23:09
Reported version
S4 - Minor
by design

Whenever I delete a tuplet, the notes inside also get deleted.


Status (old) active by design
Status active by design

Since tuplets are so limited in usability, I consider this a feature that allows you to delete the tuplet quicker. If you want the tuplet number and/or bar to disappear select it and use the inspector.

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Reported version 2.3

I am trying to import eight xml files created by Playscore into one mscz score. They have errors, such as a tuplet across a bar line. I want to be able to delete the tuplet symbols WITHOUT removing the notes. The problem is, the tuplet notation is an error caused by a misreading of imperfections in the score.
I tried deleting all the <notation><tuplet...</notation from the XML but on importing some were still there.
At the moment I would have to delete the tuplet and then re-enter the notes again which is tedious.