How to change the shade of blue for F notes

• Oct 14, 2018 - 16:58

I have a plugin called HARP > color notes by pedal

The blue is such a dark shade that it does not show up well on the music. Is there a way to lighten it a bit? Thanks!


Select the note and look in the inspector (press F8 if it's not open). Near the top you will see a large rectangle the color of your note. You can adjust the color to one of your liking. You will see the HTML number for the color in the box. You can then open the plugin using the Plugin editor and change the number in the plugin to the HTML number for the color you like.

Alternatively, you can right click the note use select>more... and check the appropriate boxes for the note you want to change colors on and change the color of every occurrence of that note at once using the inspector.

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I am a Windows user too, so I don't know exactly how a Mac works, but it seems you have five tabs at the top of your colour wheel window. Maybe you can try to see what settings are located in the other tabs. You just might find the readout with the HTML colour and the other info that we see on Windows in edit boxes and spin edits ;-)

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I was referring to the MuseScore version. Version 2.0.3 had a problem with the color selector growing like in your picture and it was fixed. Are you getting the color wheel by (left) clicking one time on that blue rectangle in the last picture? MuseScore has its own utility to change colors of items, there is no need to go to Mac specific tools for this.

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Oh, ok. I have MuseScore 2.3.2

Yes I got that color wheel by clicking one time on the rectangle. Then no HTML# on that screen. But I can get the color number out of Pages. If I can just find a place to plug in that number.... I'm sure it's just ONE little step that will get me there... let's see...

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Then you are using the wrong tool. When you click the rectangle you aren't holding any other key down? Just using your right hand and one click? I wonder if ctrl+click would bring up MuseScores color selector. ctrl+click is what Mac users do when Windows users right click. Right click brings up the same color selector for my on my PC. You happen to be dealing with two windows users at the moment, so I for one don't know what might be going on with your mac.

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In the Plugins creator, when you select open you should get a list of plugins that you have installed. Select the plugin you installed that you are trying to change so All of the F's will have a different color. Since I'm not looking at the code for the plugin you want to edit, I suggest that you make note of the HTML color number of the note you want to change. You can look for this number in the Plugin and replace it with the correct number once you figure out how to open the color selector (The title bar in English says "Select Color")

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