Conversion to MIDI does not work properly  

• Nov 4, 2018 - 16:35
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Wanneer ik bijgaande mscz file exporteer naar een midi bestand gaat dat goed met de tenor partij en de bas partij maar fout met de altpartij (zie maat 5 en verder) en de sopraan partij. Zie bijgaande files.
Wat is er aan de hand en hoe kan ik dit corrigeren.


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It sounds like you have some sort of question about how to use MuseScore., but unfortunately Google Translate isn't helping me understand very well. Can you explain in more detail what you are trying to do, what steps you took, what you expected to see happen, and what happened instead?

For future reference, it is generally best to ask in the Support forum, ideally in English or using the forum your particular language.

Google translation:
When I export the attached mscz file to a midi file that goes well with the tenor part and the bass part but with the alto (see measure 5 and further) and the soprano part. See attached files.
What is going on and how can I correct this.

So midi export of soprano and also are wrong or not working?

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Thanks for reacting so quickly.
Google Translate made a mess of the translation because it left out the keyword: NOT working
I try to prepare midi files from a MuseScore file by using the export function in MuseScore.
In this particular case it worked fine for the tenor part and the bass part. The sound produced by these two midi files was identical to the sound from the MSCZ file and the staffs were identical as well.
But things went wrong for the soprano part and the alto part.
In these two cases the sound produced by the two midi files was identical to the sound from the MSCZ file. However the staffs were completely wrong as you can see in the PDF’s.
How can I solve this problem?
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Your soprano and alto have been entered using the French Violin Clef instead of a normal Treble Clef, which is likely why you think something is off. Upon reimporting the Treble Clef is used instead.

Mixer settings don't affect the appearance of the score. But they do affect MIDI output, which is what you were asking about. Actually it still isn't clear to me what you are asking about.

Rather than trial and error, better to ask for the Support forum and describe in more detail what you are trying to accomplish And problems you are having. People will be happy but for starters, you would need to explain why you are taking about MIDI files but attaching PDF files - the two have nothing to do with each other.

Here is a longer description of my problem.
With our choir we are studying ‘Vollendet ist das grosse Werk’ by Haydn.
For that purpose we use a score in the Peters Edition. To facilitate the studying we looked for midi files of this work on the internet and found one at www.learnchoralmusic.
However we have two problems with this midi file.
• When we open this file with the Noteworthy Composer2 Viewer the appearance of the score for the tenor is one octave lower than in the Peters Edition
• The sound consists of Choir Aahs which we dislike.

So we opened the midi file in MuseScore and tried to change these points in the MSCZ file:
• We changed the key for the tenor
• Using F10 (mixer) we changed the reproduced sound for each voice.
• We exported that adapted MuseScore file as midi file

The result for the midi version was not completely what we hoped for.
• The sound of all voices had been adapted well.
• The appearance of the score for the tenor looked fine now in MuseScore but in Noteworthy the appearance of the score for the tenor was still one octave lower
• The appearance of the score for the soprano and the alto had been changed and differed now from the Peters Score.

So obviously this was not the way to adapt the score so that we would have a correct midi score.

Who can help me?

Tenor is using G 8vb clef, or needs to transpose down an Octave.
Any you uses the wrong clefs for Alto and Soprano, French Violin rather than simple G Clef.
Changing the sound in Mixer is also not helping in getting MIDO export (and reimport) right.
What exactly is the MIDI file you started with?

that does show regular G clefs for Soprano, Soprano and Alto (and the "Alt, Tenor" staff actually is Alto, so of course an octave to high for Tenor). So you must have change those to this French Violin clef.
Any you didn't just change the sound in Mixer, but (also!) the Instruments (to Bass Clarinet for all 4 voice staves)
No wonder that the export gets confused as hell

Depends on what you want. If you really want to change the instrument, do it via right-click, staff properties, change instrument, like you did.
But if you only (or on top) want to change the sound of those, use the Mixer (like you did too).
One hasn't got much to do with the other.
And don't change clefs to something entirely wrong...

Thank you for your advice. I applied it, adapted the sound via the mixer and that went fine.
I also changed the key for the tenor part in order to change the appearance in the score one octave higher. That worked fine in MuseScore but the appearance in Noteworthy Composer 2 Viewer and in Midi Sheet player remained the lower one.
I guess I will have to live with that? Or do you know a cure for that as well?

I guess you mean clef, not key (signature)? Changing clef (or key sig) doesn't change any of the pitches, you'd need to move those up/down (an octave) yourself, or set staff transpostioning accordingly

Indeed, I meant clef but had not looked up what the correct translation was for the Dutch word “muzieksleutel” and the translation for ‘sleutel” is key.

Now I can produce a correct score for our choir.
May thanks.