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• Nov 7, 2018 - 22:14
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I need a triangle frame for rehearsal marks in addition to the existing choices of circle and square. Thank you kindly.


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Can you point to published examples of this notation? Features tend to be prioritized higher if they reflect real world usage.

Meanwhile, it should be pretty trivial to create an image in Google Drawings or your favorite image editor and paste that in on top of your frameless rehearsal mark. Or you could create two rehearsal marks, one for the letter and the other using a triangle from the Special Characters palette. Shouldn't be that hard to find a suitable character from a suitable font. Whether you use that or the graphic, you can add it to a custom palette for future reuse, so you only need to go to that trouble once.

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Hi Marc,

To clarify, the need for a triangle is not actually for rehearsal marks per se. (As far a I understand it, rehearsal marks are generally put inside a square frame all the time.) Rather, I need the triangle frame for Music Form Analysis -- which is hardly ever published but heavily relied on for musician's analysis; that is, the easy capability to easily put the letter A in a circle frame, the letter B in a square frame and the letter C in a triangle frame. The existing rehearsal mark mechanism in Musescore can double duty for this purpose provided a triangle frame is made available as one of the selectable frames.

While I appreciate your work around suggestions, it would of course be preferable for me not to have to do special geekoid gyrations but just use what conveniently exists in Musescore when supplemented with a (hopefully) slight graphical enhancement.

Thanks in advance for your consideration.

Thanks for the clarification. Are you saying there is some sort of published standard for musical analysis that uses triangles to mean something in particular? I'd love to see a reference if so. In that case, it might make more sense to have this the necessary characters added to a font designed for that purpose, along with things like Roman numeral analysis, etc?

But meanwhile, the five minutes spent doing what I suggest above will mean you will have immediate ability to use that symbol henceforth.

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FWIW, rehearsal marks are not the only type of text that can have a frame, all texts in MuseScore can have a rounded or rectangular frames.