Implode creates two voices, even when rhythm is the same

• Nov 13, 2018 - 18:03
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I really like that 3.0 import makes separate voices instead of ignoring the second part's rhythm. However, now it seems to only do multivoice implosion, and also cannot implode more than 4 parts. Also, exploding e.g. a 6 note chord to 3 parts only explodes the top 3 notes and deletes the bottom 3, rather than putting 2 in each part, or 1/1/4, etc.


I'm not sure what I think about this.

One big advantage is that you can combine two instruments on the same staff, then if you want them in the same voice where possible, using implode on only that staff does this. It will keep the different rhythms in their own voices. That is very nice.

Your point about no longer being able to implode more than 4 staves is partly correct, it just takes an extra step to do 4 at a time, and then you may lose notes if there are too many rhythms in the score.

Workaround (sometimes): To implode 7 staves, implode the bottom 4 staves. Implode the top of these staves to put a single voice in the staff (this only works if rhythms are the same). Now select the top 4 staves and implode. As I said, this is a limited workaround.

I would suggest allowing an additional (or slightly different) implode that works like the one in version 2 (perhaps called Reduce - as in a piano reduction).

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I like the current implode feature because it allows you to easily compress large scores (combine Cl. 1 with Cl. 2 for example) and still be able to create separate Cl. 1 and Cl. 2 parts.

I do see a definite need for allowing 7 (or more) staves to be selected and MuseScore creates one voice where possible and using multiple voices where necessary to retain all of the notes. Of course if there are more than 4 rhythms this would have to fail or give different results.

I see, yes, having the voices remain separate is important to the voices-from-parts feature, very good point. So having both results possible is necessary.