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• Nov 22, 2018 - 20:18

As already reported days ago, using messages on Transifex: I do not receive notifications of translation updates (but 'ho mangiato la foglia' and I'm stepping up my visits).
My problem? I don't think so.


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I feel like something's wrong.
Today I received notification of updates and that's good. But most of the about a hundred strings were translated a few days ago and the function 'used' is not activated (only two cases), not even in the case of a translation (four years ago) of antoniomarchionne (I remember him with pleasure and gratitude).
No string number?
But they're just small drawbacks.
However, I would like to ask for confirmation: this string is correct Number tType:?
Has a particular meaning or is it a typing error? (I'm leaning towards the typo).
Good day and good work to all.

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