Aditional permission to translate playback text etc from the handbook?

• Dec 31, 2018 - 17:20

Hi, i am translating the handbook to spanish and just finished the basics and notation sections. Today wanted to translate the next sections but i dont get the translate option on the menu. Do i need to ask for more permissions? I also dont get the translate option for release notes.


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Handbook for 2.x has indeed been frozen.
Makes sense for the English one at least, that has been used as the initial version for the 3.0 handbook and now all efforts should go into that rather than into the handbook out an outdated version...
The situation might be different for the translations though.

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I'm not sure how easy it is for translators to re-use the 2.0 handbook's translations when they do the 3.0 handbook's translation. I suspect it may not be very easy.

However, I was curious to see how different the 3.0 handbook is from the 2.0 handbook, and so I compared the currently finalized 3.0 handbook pages (15 pages as of writing) against the latest versions of the 2.0 pages. I found that 60% of the sentences in the 3.0 pages are identical to sentences in the 2.0 pages, 10% are almost identical, and only 25% are brand new (for all practical purposes).

So if a translator is confident that he will be able to re-use his translations easily, and he really wants to complete the 2.0 version in his language, it would not be a complete waste of effort. And the best way to discourage volunteers and lose them is to make them stop doing what they're enjoying doing.

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I will just keep translating the software then. The spanish translation has some grammar issues and the translation for some music terms is not accurate, it depends on how much of the 2.0 handbook can be re used for the 3.0. I think maybe the end result would be better if i translate the 3.0 when its released rather than doing a frankenstein with the 2.0 handbook, i would take more time though.

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My translation of the version 2 handbook left a lot to be desired as you are well aware. I can get by in some situations in Spanish, but as you can see I'm far from fluent. I suspect your work flow would be better if you were simply translating from the English rather than correcting my poor Spanish translation.

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The translation you made its not so bad, its understandable as it is but you can tell it was made with a translator, it was way faster for me to correct the translation than to start everything from scratch.
Are the 2.0 translations still going to be available when the 3.0 comes out? I mean to check what parts can be re used.

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If the 2.0 translation is useful, then it's quite easy to perform a DIFF on the 2.0 version of a page and the 3.0 version of that page (for pages that do have a 1:1 equivalent), to see if it's worth cannibalising the old translation. For example, attached is the differences for the "create new score" page. We should maybe do this for all pages, as soon as the 3.0 version is sort of finalized (or do the devs have a better way of showing the differences?).

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