Request ability to directly add contents of image capture frame to palette

• Jan 18, 2019 - 19:12
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P2 - Medium
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With MuseScore 2.3.2 it was possible to create a symbol with elements of various origins (image, symbol text, etc ...) using the selection frame of the capture tool and clicking in it with Ctrl Shift to place it directly in a custom palette because multiple separate items even selected sets can not be dragged with only Ctrl Shift into a palette without that frame.

With 2.3.2

Create icon 2.gif

But this is no longer possible with 3.0.x forcing :
- to select the set with the capture tool,
- to save the contents of the frame,
- to get the image file and
- put it back in MuseScore and finally
- to be able to place in a palette with Ctrl Shift.

With 3.0.x Ctrl+Shift moves only the frame.

Please, like in 2.3.2, restore this function in 3.0.x !


Title Restore lost functionality Request ability to directly add contents of image capture frame to palette
Priority P2 - Medium

To clarify - as explained in the forum thread leading to this suggestion, this was never to my knowledge intended to be a feature of 2.3.2. It was rather more of a bug that neither Ctrl nor Shift worked as intended to constrain dragging. That bug has been fixed, so now Ctrl and Shift separately will constrain dragging as they should. But it should remain possible for Ctrl and Shift together to trigger a clone operation as it did in 2.3.2.

Once again, though, you do not need to mess with saving and loading temporary files as a workaround. As I explained previously, simply use Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V to copy and paste the image capture region directly back into your score, and then drag the image to your palette. No file saving or loading required. This is the way the feature has always been intended to work.

In other words, once you have positioned and sized the frame as you like:

1) press Ctrl+C to copy the image
2) press Esc to exit image capture mode
3) select any note or rest in your score, or click within any frame
4) Ctrl+V to paste the image

You can now Ctrl+Shift+drag the image to your palette just as you would have done in 2.3.2 with the frame. Those four steps take all of about a second and a half, and no saving or loading of files is required.

But I do agree that the unintended behavior you discovered and have been relying on thus far is useful - everyone likes to save a couple of seconds! - and I certainly do support seeing this implemented and documented as a real feature.