Flugal Horn (and Tenor Horn Eb)

• Feb 10, 2019 - 11:55

Is there a way to get a flugal horn into my Big band score? All I find is trumpet. Trumpets often double on flugals as I'm sure you know.
Also, I have got my friend really fired up to get Musescore. She is a brass bander (English expression) and when I did a quick look-see, I couldn't find the tenor horn (Eb). That would be an essential instrument for anyone writing for brass band (well certainly here in England)


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As a rather late follow up to my much earlier question.... after changing the trumpet to Flugelhorn the sound is still a trumpet. In the Mixer there is no Flugelhorn (that I have spotted). Would I be correct in thinking that it doesn't exist but at least the 'part' will be labelled correctly?

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